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The Toolbar

The following icons are available in the toolbar of the main Exo Payroll interface:




Employee List

Opens a window displaying a filterable list of all employees in the system. You can add, view and edit employees, and access other employee-related functions.

Pay List

Opens a window displaying a filterable list of all pays in the system. You can view individual pays, and access reports and functions relating to pays.

Payday Filing

Opens a list of Employment Information (EI) return files for payday filing, where you can create new EI return files or batches of files, view their details and update their statuses once they have been sent to the IRD.

New Employee

This is used to add a new employee to the payroll.

Edit Employee

This is used to access an existing employee to perform any masterfile changes.


Opens the selected employee's personnel notes. This window can also be accessed via the F12 key.

Current Pay

This is where the pay is processed each pay period, as part of the Pay Cycle.

Print Reports

Opens the list of available reports.

Report Views

Opens a window listing the available report views:

Direct Credit Transfer

Allows you to create Direct Credit files for electronic banking.

Update Pay

This is where the pay is updated each pay period, as part of the Pay Cycle.


This is a facility to archive a copy of your data files, in the case of needing to Restore/Rollback to them at some point.


This is the menu where you set up your Allowances, Deductions, Non Cash Benefits, Superannuations, Departments, Cost Centres, General Ledger Codes, Annual Leave Groups and Note Types. This menu can be accessed three ways: via the drop down menu, toolbar icon or by pressing F2 at any time.

The PAYE Calculator

This is a small utility that allows you to calculate Pay As You Earn tax on any amount at any time. While the Payroll calculates PAYE as part of the pay process, there are times when you may need to do a one-off calculation.

The Pay Cycle

This is used to access the Pay Cycle when running a pay.


Opens this Online Help.


Opens the Diary, which is a form of a daily planner, giving you a place to enter comments on any given day, for Payroll company-related tasks, appointments and reminders.

Show Items

Opens a window showing all available toolbar icons, where you can choose which icons to display and which to hide.


Takes you out of Exo Payroll and returns you to the Windows desktop. You will be asked if you want to back up the database before exiting.