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Paying your employees > Creating payroll categories > Editing payroll categories
If you edit a payroll category that is linked to employee cards, any changes you make will apply to all employee cards linked to that category.
Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Categories. The Payroll Category List window appears.
Click the tab corresponding to the type of payroll category you want to edit—Wages, Superannuation, Entitlements, Deductions or Expenses.
You cannot create any tax categories. To view the tax table information, click the Taxes tab and then click the zoom arrow () next to PAYG Withholding. Tax table information is set by the ATO. Therefore, any queries should be referred to the ATO.
Click the zoom arrow () next to the payroll category you want to edit. The information window for that category appears.
Make the required selections for the payroll category. See the following topics for information about the options available for each payroll category type:

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