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Managing user accounts and company files > Upgrading your files > Task 1: Upgrade your company files
If you use AccountRight Enterprise, your company files must be upgraded on the server. If you use AccountRight Premier, your company files should be upgraded on the workstation that hosts them.
Go to the Windows start menu > All Programs > your AccountRight software folder (for example AccountRight Premier v19), choose MYOB Tools and then choose Upgrade Assistant.
Click Next. The Find File to Upgrade window appears.
Click Find File. The Select Company File to Upgrade window appears.
if you use M-Powered Services, click Locate File, locate the .box file corresponding to your company file and click Open.
The Find File to Upgrade window appears. The file path and name of the company file appear in the field below the Find File button. The new path and name of the company file, as it will be after upgrading, appear in the field below the Save As button.
Click Save As. The Save As window appears.
User Account Control (UAC) is a security feature in Windows Vista and Window 7. If UAC is active, files saved in the Program Files folder can only be opened by the Windows user who saved the files. If other users need to access your company file, do not save it in this folder. For more information about User Account Control, see Windows Help.
Click Next. The Confirm window appears.
Click Next to start the upgrade. When the file has been upgraded, the Complete window appears.
If you want to upgrade another company file, click Next, or click Finish to close the upgrade assistant.

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