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There's now an easier way to activate or confirm your company file. Learn more.
After a company file is activated, once or twice a year you must confirm its activation for the life of the file. The confirmation verifies to MYOB that you are running a legal installation of AccountRight software. When confirmation is due and you attempt to open an activated company file, the Company File Confirmation window appears.
You have a period of grace in which to confirm the company file, indicated under the Confirm Your Company File heading.
Under normal circumstances, confirmation occurs once or twice a year. If, after confirming a company file, your software asks you within a short time to confirm it again, see Troubleshooting activated company files.
If you don’t want to confirm immediately, click the I use this company file to record or edit my business transactions option, then select Confirm later and then click Continue to open the file. After the period of grace expires, the company file can be opened only in read-only mode, in which you can still view transactions, print reports or export data, but will not be able to enter any transactions.
If you open a company file that is overdue for confirmation in read-only mode, but then change your mind, go to the Help menu and choose Confirm Company File. The Company File Confirmation window appears.
There's now an easier way to activate or confirm your company file. Learn more.
To set up automatic company file confirmation
When your software attempts to confirm the activation of the company file automatically and you are not currently connected to the Internet, a window appears requesting you to connect.
Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences.
In the Preferences window, click the Security tab.
Select the I Prefer to Use Automated Online Company File Confirmation option and click OK.
From now on, your software confirms the company file automatically and displays a notification of successful confirmation each time.

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