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This section describes how to upgrade your company file and templates after you have installed the new version of your AccountRight software. For more information about installing your software, see the Release Notes that came with your software installer.
MYOB ODBC Direct users
If you use applications that rely on MYOB ODBC Direct—such as MYOB M-Powered Import Assist or a third-party add-on solution—you may need to update your ODBC Direct driver settings before using it with this version of AccountRight software. For more information, see Updating your ODBC Direct driver.
Important changes introduced in earlier versions
Software version
M-Powered Services Centre integration
Previously, your company data and your M‑Powered Services Centre data were stored in separate files. From these releases, these two files are integrated. The integration doesn’t happen until you close or back up your company file for the first time using the new release of your AccountRight software.
In this version of your software, the file extension for company files was changed from ‘.prm’ or ‘.dat’ to ‘.myo’. For example, Clearwtr.prm is now Clearwtr.myo.
Activation of company files
If you are upgrading from one of these software versions or earlier, you now need to activate your company file. Read the support note ‘Upgrading from a pre-2004 version’, at
Company files created with a previous version of software need to be upgraded to use the new features. Customised reports, forms, letters, graphics and spreadsheets also need to be upgraded.

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