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The Process Payroll assistant guides you through the process of recording your employees’ pays.
In some windows of the Process Payroll assistant you can click Back to return to a previous window to review and change the entries you have made. You can also quit the assistant while you are in a window that has a Cancel button. If you quit the assistant, you will need to start from the beginning.
You can process pays for all employees assigned a pay frequency, such as, weekly or monthly, or process pay for an individual employee.
If you want to record pays for more than one pay frequency on the same day—for example, when your weekly and monthly pay dates coincide—you need to process a pay run for each frequency.
You can temporarily remove an employee from a pay frequency by making their employee card inactive. For example, if you employ seasonal workers and full-time employees, you may want to make the seasonal workers’ employee cards inactive during the off season.
To make an employee card inactive, open the employee’s Card Information window and click Inactive Card in the Profile tab view.

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