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Paying your employees > Processing your payroll > Task 1: Select the pay period
Go to the Payroll command centre and select Process Payroll. The Select Pay Period window appears.
If you are processing pays for all employees, click Process all employees paid and select the pay frequency in the adjacent field.
If you are processing pays for bonuses or commissions outside your normal pay period, select the Bonus/Commission pay frequency. When you select this frequency, your employees’ standard pay details are cleared in the Select & Edit Employee’s Pay window. Also note that you need to manually calculate and enter tax for these amounts.
If you are processing a pay for an individual employee, click Process individual employee and type or select the employee in the adjacent field. The pay frequency assigned to the employee’s card is used in the pay run.
Select the Pay leave in advance option. The Leave In Advance window appears.
If you are paying leave in addition to your employee’s standard pay, type 1 in the [...] of standard pay field. If you are paying leave in advance only, type 0.
In the [...] of leave in advance field, type the number of pay periods you are processing in advance.
Click OK. The Select Pay Period window reappears.
When you include multiple pay periods in the one pay run, employee pay details are adjusted accordingly. This includes the calculation of entitlements, superannuation and PAYG withholding amounts.
You can process a separate pay for each employee being paid leave in advance, or process a pay run for all employees and, in the Select & Edit Employee’s Pay window, exclude those employees not being paid in advance from pay run.
In the Payment date field, type the date on which you are processing the pays.
In the Pay period start field, type the first day of the pay period.
In the Pay period end field, type the last date of the pay period.

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