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To meet your choice of superannuation fund obligations, you need to provide eligible employees with a Standard Choice Form and then make contributions to their nominated complying fund. You can print the Standard Choice Form from an employee’s card (see Entering employee payroll information). For more information about your obligations, contact the ATO.
When you have processed pays for your employees, you can manage your superannuation obligations by viewing superannuation reports and by recording superannuation payments in the Pay Liabilities window. For information on recording superannuation payments, see Reviewing payroll liabilities.
To create a superannuation fund
Go to the Lists menu and choose Superannuation Funds. The Superannuation Fund List window appears.
Click New. The Edit Superannuation Fund window appears.
Type the name of the superannuation fund in the Superannuation Fund Name field and press tab.
If the fund is self-managed (SMSF), type the ABN of the fund in the A.B.N. (for Self-Managed Funds) field and press tab.
If you have the superannuation fund’s membership number, type this number in the Employer Membership # field. This is a unique employer identification number provided by some superannuation funds when you register an employee or group of employees.
Type the contact details for the fund in the Contact Phone Number and Fund Website fields.
Click OK. The superannuation fund now appears in the Superannuation Fund List window.
Repeat from step 2 for each additional superannuation fund you need to create.
Click Close.

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