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exclusions and threshold amounts entered in the superannuation payroll category setup.
manual changes to the employee’s superannuation or gross wages amounts in the Pay History section of the employee’s card. For more information on the Pay History section, see Viewing pay history for the current year.
To check the superannuation exclusions and threshold amounts
Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Categories. The Payroll Category List window appears.
Click the Superannuation tab.
Select the superannuation payroll category that has been assigned the Superannuation Guarantee (expense) contribution type.
Click Edit. The Superannuation Information window appears.
The exclusions amount is the amount by which the eligible wage is reduced before the superannuation is calculated.
For example, an employee with a gross wage of $1000 per month and an exclusion of $100 will have the superannuation calculated only on the amount of $900.
Check the amount entered in the Threshold field at the bottom of the window.
The threshold amount determines whether superannuation should be calculated for a particular pay.
For example, if the threshold is $450.00 and the employee is paid $400.00 gross per week. For the first pay of the month no superannuation will be calculated because the employee has earned less than the minimum threshold for the month.
For the second pay of the month superannuation is calculated because the employee is paid $400, which brings the total gross amount paid for that month to $800 (that is, $350 more than the threshold). Superannuation is calculated on $800.
Click OK, then click Close to return to the Payroll command centre.

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