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Creditors Payment Processor Setup

Account > Creditor Payment Processor

When the Payment Processor is started, the following main screen is displayed:


When using the Payment Processor for the first time, you need to set up general information before proceeding with the program.

Select Utilities > General Setup. The following window is displayed:


The following configuration options are available on this window:



Print Remittance when paying by D/C

Check this box to enable the printing of remittance advice notes for surface mail to the creditors.

Email Remittance advice to Creditors

Check this box to enable e-mailing of remittance advice notes to creditors.  E-mailing remittance advice requires an external e-mail account set up on the machine that runs the Payment Processor. The user also needs the e-mail address set up in the Creditors Account Details window.

Show email before sending

Check this to display the email on the screen before sending this to the creditor.

Show foreign currency warning

Highlights any foreign currency creditor payments in red and displays a warning that the current selection contains foreign currency creditors.

Consolidate D/C to General Ledger

If you intend a batch processing of direct credits to creditors, check this checkbox to allow the Payment Processor to make one entry into the General Ledger, for that list of payments. The General Ledger account is the bank account that is updated with the consolidated entry. This consolidation is posted to the current period in the General Ledger.

Allow selection of GL Acc

Tick to specify the Direct Credits GL account.

Use Mailshot for printing and emailing remittance when paying by D/C

Check this box to launch the Mailshot window after processing Direct Credits.


General ledger account for D/Cs

Specify the account you use for Direct Credits. Only active if the Allow selection of GL Acc checkbox is ticked.

Use Separate Cheque Report

Check this box to allow the printing of cheques on one sheet and remittance advices separate forms (as opposed to a combined "tear-off" cheque and remittance document on one form).

Note: If the Use Separate Cheque Report option is selected, the FinPPSeqChqRep.CLF Clarity form is used, as well as the standard FinChqWr.CLF.

Cheques per Page

This option is used in conjunction with the printing of cheques separate from the remittance. It determines how many cheques can be printed at the same time. For example an A4 sheet of paper may contain 3 individual cheques. This requires the Use separate check report option to be checked.

First cheque number

This is only available when the Reset button has been clicked. Enter the start of the range for the cheques to be used.

Last cheque number

This is only available when the Reset button has been clicked. Enter the end of the range for the cheques to be used.


The Reset button allows the entry of the range of the cheques being used. If a cheque inside that range exists in the creditor’s database, the range is rejected.