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Bulk Sending Documents

The Mailshot function lets you bulk send documents to Debtors, Creditors or Contacts by print and/or email. The Mailshot function is available from the following windows:

Specify the following details:



Printer URL

Select the printer to use for those documents that are to be printed out.

Email Mode

Specify how emails should be sent. The following options are available:

  • Disabled - Emails will not be sent.

  • EXO SMTP - Emails will be sent via SMTP using the EXO Business Email Sender. This is better for sending large batches of emails.

  • Default Email Client - Emails will be sent using the user’s default email software. This is suitable for smaller batches of emails.

Email Body as plain text

Tick this option to restrict the body of emails to plain text, rather than HTML.

Confirm each email on screen

Tick this option to display a confirmation message before sending each email, or leave it blank to send emails automatically.

Save copy of sent email to documents

This option only appears when sending a mailshot from a campaign wave in EXO Business CRM. Tick this option to save a copy of the sent email to the Docs tab of each Contact that the mailshot is sent to.

Note: A History Note is always created for each Contact when a mailshot is sent. If this option is ticked, the email is saved in addition to the History Note.

CLE File

Specify the Clarity email template to use for email communications.

CLM File

Specify the Clarity mail merge template to use for printed documents.


Specify any attachments to be sent with emails.

The bottom section displays all Debtors, Creditors or Contacts who will be sent communications by the mailshot. Double-click on a Debtor, Creditor or Contact to drill to that record.

Tick or clear the Email and Print boxes for each Debtor to specify how statements will be sent to them (or use the toolbar buttons to check all Email and/or Print boxes). The default settings for these options are determined by the following properties:

  • For Debtor Statements, the Statement Delivery setting on the Debtors Details 2 tab.

  • For Direct Credit remittance advice, the Remittance Method setting on the Creditors Details 2 tab.

  • For Direct Debit remittance advice, the Advice notification settings on the Debtors Details 2 tab. (These settings are only available when the Default payment type is set to "D/DEBIT".)

The default value for the Primary Email is determined from the following properties:

  • If a Statement Contact (Debtors) or Remittance Contact (Creditors) is specified for the Debtor/Creditor, this Contact's email address is used; otherwise

  • if a default Contact has been set on the Contacts tab for the Debtor/Creditor, this Contact's email address is used; otherwise

  • the company email address on the Details 1 tab of the Debtor/Creditor is used.

Email addresses can be manually edited if necessary.

Note: When sending a mailshot to Contacts, if any lines are highlighted in grey, this means that the highlighted Contacts have the Opt-Out eMarketing flag ticked. These Contacts will not be processed in the mailshot, regardless of whether or not the Email and Print boxes are ticked.

When all options are set, click the Go button to start the mailshot.

When running a mailshot from the Invoice Batch Printing window, you are given the option of collating invoices for Debtor account - in this case, a single email is sent to each Debtor, with all invoices for that Debtor attached; otherwise each invoice will be emailed separately. The # Invoices column displays how many invoices there are for each Debtor (this column is only available when running a mailshot from the Invoice Batch Printing window).

Note: If the attachments to a collated email exceed a size limit (set by the Batch Invoice Mailshot Attachment Size Limit profile setting), the invoices will be split over multiple emails.

As statements are sent, the Done box for each account is ticked. The Pause and Stop buttons allow the mailshot to be suspended or cancelled before it is complete.