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Creditors Details 1 Tab

The Details 1 tab is used to store the primary information for the Creditor, including contact details, Creditor groups, account type flag, and other system-maintained information.

Field Descriptions




The code that relates to the account. MYOB EXO Business automatically assigns a code. If you prefer, you can change the code by overtyping it. This code is primarily used for controlling the sorting of reports but also allows you to search a creditor. E.g. SMIT1 (Mr Smith) or JON1 (Jones Co Ltd).


The name of the creditor as it should appear in statements and invoices.

Company Contact Details

Postal Address

The creditor’s postal address. If the street name is the same, press TAB on the last address line to copy the Postal Address into the Delivery Address fields.

Post code

Enter the postal code if it is known or select the postal code from the Postcode Lookup window opened by clicking the button.

Delivery Address

The delivery address. If it differs from the postal address, overtype it here. Click the small button next to the delivery address to retrieve geolocation details (latitude and longitude) that match the address entered here. An icon on the button displays the status of the match:

  • - the system hasn't attempted to retrieve details yet.

  • - details successfully retrieved. Clicking the button again will open your default browser, showing the location on a map. shift+clicking the button will attempt to retrieve location details again.

  • - an error occurred when attempting to retrieve details. Hovering the mouse over the button will display a popup message indicating why the attempt failed.


The name of the main person to be contacted.


The main e-mail address of the creditor.


The main phone number of the creditor.


The main fax number of the creditor.

Extra Fields

Default Code

This is an example of a user-defined extra field.



The name of a primary account group, from the list.


The name of a secondary account group, from the list


The name of the staff member who normally deals with this creditor.

Credit Terms

Select from the list to specify Cash Only or the method for due payment to the creditor.


The currency for transactions with this customer.  You cannot change the currency of a Creditor account once the account has transactions posted to it.



A check in this box to view the creditor's account details.

The box is checked by default. If the box is not checked, the account becomes inactive, and is hidden from the main search window.

Open Item

A check if you want to display all outstanding items on statements rather than only a Balance Brought Forward statement.

This is a default setting if you selected the New Accounts Defaults to Open Item in MYOB EXO Business Config > Profiles. You must check this option if the account is a foreign currency account, or if you are calculating GST on a payments basis. Leave the box unchecked, if you want this account to be a Balance Brought Forward account.

Stop Credit

If checked this will prevent further invoices being posted to this account.

Private Account

If checked, this account will become a private account.

Toolbar Buttons

 Note: These are only available once the initial values have been entered and saved in this tab.

Send the transactions to the head office account.

Edit aged balances.

On a head office account, this button displays all branches; on a branch account, this button opens the head office account.

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