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Debtors Details 2 Tab

The Details 2 tab is used to store secondary information about the Debtor, including payment information (including prompt payment discounts), banking details, tax registration, auto order template, invoice format control and pop-up alert text.

Payment Details | Prompt Payment Details | GST Details | Miscellaneous Details | Pop-up Alert

Payment Details



Default Payment Type

Select from the drop down list What payment method the debtor will generally use.

Bank Account Number

The BSB (Bank State Branch) number for the bank and branch at which the debtors account is held.

Bank Account Name

The name of the account.

Advice Notification

The method of advice notification preferred by the debtor. Tick each checkbox to enable the advice notification type.

Prompt Payment Details



Discount (%)

The discount percentage being offered. Enter an integer between 0 and 100 and exclude the % designator.


The discount amount being offered.

Do Not Accept Cheque

Whether or not cheques will be accepted from this debtor.

Social Media Details




The Debtor's Facebook account ID. This can be a numerical ID, or a Facebook username, if they have one.


The Debtor's LinkedIn account ID. This must be the numerical ID.


The Debtor's Twitter account username.

Note: If you do not know these details, you can search for them on the Social tab.

GST Details




The Australian Business Number (ABN) of the debtor. (Aus)


The GST number of the debtor. (NZ)

Override GST rate

The default GST rate for the country will default in here. You can override the default GST rate for this debtor here.

Miscellaneous Details



Auto Order Template

A Bill of Materials order template. Manufacturing use only.

Invoice File

You can use multiple invoice layouts in MYOB EXO Business. Invoice formats need to be saved with the invoice# filename.

Enter the number that is used in the invoice template name that will be used for this Debtor, i.e. to select invoice2.clf, enter '2'; to select invoice5.clf, enter '5', and so on. Leave the value as '0' to use the default invoice.clf template.

Statement Delivery

Select how statements should be delivered to this Debtor. Choose from:

  • None - No statement will be sent to the Debtor.

  • Email - Statements will be sent to the Debtor via email.

  • Print - Printed statements will be mailed/faxed to the Debtor.

  • Both - The Debtor will be emailed statements and also sent printed copies.

Statement Contact

When sending statements via email, the email will be sent to the address of the contact selected here.

Invoice Type

Select the type of invoice to send to this Debtor. Choose from:

  • DEFAULT - Use the default invoice type, as determined by profile settings.

  • STANDARD - Use standard MYOB EXO Business invoices for this Debtor.

  • M-POWERED - Use the MYOB M-Powered Invoices service for this Debtor. M-Powered Services need to be available on your system to use this feature. M-Powered Services are available in Australia only.

Pop-up Alert



Pop-up Alert

A note you would like to appear when dealing with this debtor. This could be a reminder about certain preferences they may have.