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Specifying an Invoice Template for a Debtor

If you want to use different invoice formats for different kinds of customers or sales, you can do this in MYOB EXO Business by specifying a specific invoice template for each Debtor.

By default, if there is no invoice template specified for a Debtor, the invoice template Invoice.CLF will be used. To use a specific invoice template for a specific Debtor, the invoice template must be set up in EXO Business Config, and then selected on the Details 2 tab of the Debtor account.

To set up invoice templates in EXO Business Config:

  1. Open EXO Business Config and go to the Forms section.

  2. Search for the Invoice form files profile setting.

  3. Enter the file names of all invoice templates, separated by commas. File names must be of the format "InvoiceX.CLF", where X is the number of the template.

  4. Click Save.

To specify an invoice template for a Debtor:

  1. Select the Debtor you want to specify the invoice template for.

  2. Click on the Details 2 tab.

  3. In the Invoice file field, enter the number that is used in the invoice template name that you want to use, e.g. to select invoice2.clf, type '2' in the Invoice file field; to select invoice5.clf, enter '5', and so on.

  4. Click Save.