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A payroll liability is an amount withheld from an employee’s pay that must be paid to an appropriate authority or agency, for example, deductions, expenses, superannuation payments and taxes.
Your payroll liabilities are recorded when you process your payroll. When you need to pay these amounts, you can use the Pay Liabilities window.
If you use BASlink to record your PAYG withholding payments, press F1 in the BAS Information window for information on how to set up BASlink for PAYG withholding.
If you pay your employee’s superannuation using M-Powered Superannuation or MYOB's super portal, you do not need to pay your superannuation liabilities through the Pay Liabilities window.
To pay your payroll liabilities
Go to the Payroll command centre and click Pay Liabilities. The Pay Liabilities window appears.
In the Pay from Account field, type or select the account you are making the payment from.
In the Supplier field, select the card for the authority or agency to whom the withheld amount is being paid.
If you selected Superannuation in the Liability Type field, make a selection in the Sort By field.
Click the search icon () in the Payroll Categories field. The Select from list window appears.
Deselect categories by clicking in the select column next to each payroll category you want to exclude.
Click OK. The Pay Liabilities window reappears.
In the Dated From and the Dated To fields, enter the period in which the payroll liabilities were withheld.
Click Record.

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