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Purging is the process of removing data from your company file. After you have used a company file for a long time, you will notice that the size of your file has grown considerably. Information such as journal entries, sales, purchases, business contacts, activity slips and sales history figures builds up over time.
If your company file has grown large, you can remove information that is no longer needed to improve your software’s efficiency and performance. However, you should be particularly careful about purging transactions that haven’t been included in a Business Activity Statement. After transactions are purged, they will no longer appear in any report.
The procedure for purging information (below) applies if you are purging:
contact logs
Purging activity slips
If you’ve billed an activity slip on an invoice, you can purge that activity slip only if the invoice on which it was billed has been purged.
To purge information
Purging a company file requires single-user access. For more information, see Single-user file locking for special tasks.
Open the company file to be purged.
Go to the command centre related to the information you want to purge. The information you can purge is dependent upon the command centre you are in. For example, if you are in the Sales command centre, you can only purge closed invoices.
Go to File menu and choose Purge [...]. The Purge [...] wizard window appears.
Click Continue and follow the instructions to complete the purge.

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