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Over time, your company file will grow considerably in size. As you enter transactions, then remove or purge them, the file will have unused areas that once contained these transactions.
These unused areas can affect the efficiency with which operations are performed in the company file. We recommend that you use the Optimisation Assistant to remove the unused areas in the company file and keep your accounting software running efficiently.
This task requires single-user access. For more information, see Single-user file locking for special tasks.
To optimise a company file
If multiple users are accessing a shared company file on a host computer, optimise the company file on the host.
Open the company file to be optimised.
Go to the File menu, choose Optimise Company File. An information window appears.
Click OK to continue. The Optimisation Assistant window appears.
Click Continue. The Open an AccountRight Data File window appears.
Locate the company file and click Open. The optimisation process begins.
When the process is finished, a window will appear, confirming the company file has been optimised.
Click Close.

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