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You can use the Cash Flow Worksheet window to estimate your short-term cash needs. This window allows you to use the information you’ve entered to create a forecast of your bank account or your credit card account.
You can change, add and delete information that appears in the Cash Flow Worksheet window to better estimate your cash flow needs.
Changes, deletions and additions you make in the list are used for the purposes of the Cash Flow Worksheet window only. The changes you make here won’t be reflected anywhere else in your company file.
The information used to forecast cash needs includes:
paycheques, chequebook and general journal recurring transactions that are expected to be recorded as actual transactions within the specified range of days or were scheduled to be recorded as actual transactions before the current date.
The frequency that was established in the Edit Recurring Schedule window for each recurring transaction is used to determine the date when the transaction should occur.
The information used to forecast cash needs does not include sales and purchases recurring transactions.
note :  
You can also review the current cash position and analyse the cash performance of your business using Business Insights. For more information about Business Insights, see Reviewing financial information.
To review your cash flow
In any command centre, select Cash Flow from the Analysis list. The Cash Flow Worksheet window appears.
Type the number of days for which you want to analyse your cash needs in the Days To Look Ahead field, then press Tab.
The list in the middle of the window displays all the transactions your company is due to perform during the time period you specified. Any transactions that are overdue also appear here.
note :  
If you accept the default number in the Days to Look Ahead field without making an entry in the field and no transactions appear, press Tab to refresh the window.
You can also add transactions to the list. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the list and add transaction information in the blank line. When you’re finished, press tab to create a new line, where you can enter additional transaction information.
Click Analyse Cash Needs.
The Cash Flow Worksheet window now lists the transactions that appeared in the previous list with a running balance.
If you want to make changes to the listed transactions, click Return to Worksheet, make your changes and then click Analyse Cash Needs again.
Click Cancel to close the Cash Flow Worksheet window.

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