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You can take data entered in other software programs and incorporate it into your company file. You can also incorporate information from one AccountRight company file into another AccountRight company file. This process is called importing data.
Some of the types of information you can import are: tax codes, accounts, items, general journal entries, inventory adjustments, receive payments transactions, receive money transactions, spend money transactions, pay bills transactions, sales, purchases, cards, jobs, activities and activity slips.
When you import timesheets, only the entries that don’t have activity slips associated with them are included. You must import activity slips to complete the process.
You cannot import data when more than one user are logged in. For more information, see Single-user file locking for special tasks.
In the Help Centre, choose Importing/Exporting > Importing and Exporting Table of Contents, and click the ‘To import QIF’ topic.
If your accountant uses MYOB Accountants Office, you can import an accounts list from it. For more information, see Importing an accounts list from MYOB Accountants Office.
To import data
Before you start the import process, you will need to export the data you want from the program you’ve used to create the data. The data you want to import must be in tab-delimited or comma-separated file format.
note :  
Go to the File menu, choose Import Data and then choose the type of data you want to import. The Import File window appears.
Select the import file format, the type of the first record, and the method of handling duplicate records. For more information, see Import File window.
Click Continue. The Open window appears.
Match the import fields with fields in the AccountRight fields column. To do this:
Click the name of a field in the Import Fields column.
Click the matching field in the AccountRight fields column.
Fields that have an asterisk (*) next to them must have matching import file fields assigned to them.
If all the fields in the import file match those in the AccountRight Fields column, click Match All to match all fields simultaneously.
Click Import to import the data. If you get a warning or an error message indicating that the import was not successful, refer to the import log file in your software program folder for a list of errors or warnings. This is a text file—readable by most word processors and text editors—which lists the problems encountered during the import. It is called MYOBPLOG.txt.

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