MYOB Exo Job Costing

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MYOB Exo Job Costing

The Job Costing module is an additional function set that can be added to the MYOB Exo Business system. It is an external program that interfaces with the Exo Business core program.

Note: Video-based Help is available for this topic on the Exo Business Education Centre.

Job Costing provides a fully integrated solution for businesses using time costing and billing, businesses who have a high proportion of direct purchases relating to a specific client's project, and any other business that accumulates charges over a period of time.

Invoicing is made easy. As each job progresses, activities associated with the job are recorded, for example labour or parts. These accumulated transactions can be manipulated and formatted to a high degree in order to present an invoice in a view suitable for the customer, while retaining a true picture of cost and profitability at a detailed level.

Standard job information options (categories etc.) are set up initially and can then be selected to apply to each job.

Job Costing Features

The major characteristics of Job Costing:

  • Time can be charged out and accounted for on an employee or resource basis for jobs taking place over a period of time.
  • Purchases can be made and applied directly to a job.
  • Work in progress may be a significant proportion of the businesses financial position at any time. The costs of this work can be included in financial reports covering the period they are incurred.
  • Different staff from different departments may be involved in a job and all costs can be collated.
  • Costs incurred on a job or the description of a job can be amended prior to job being finalised and invoiced.
  • Comprehensive reports can be created to monitor jobs in progress or analyse completed jobs.
  • Generation of necessary formal documentation such as invoices and quotes as well as user defined documents.
  • Serial numbers of stock items can be tracked from Purchasing through Work In Progress and onto Invoicing.

General features of the Job Costing interface, common to other MYOB Exo Business modules:

  • Menu Designer
  • Contacts
  • Document Manager
  • Clarity reporting tools
  • Extra fields (on transaction lines also)
  • Custom Buttons

Job Costing does not fully support the following advanced core MYOB Exo Business features:

  • Automatic ‘processing’ of build type BOMs during invoicing
  • One-off stock items
  • Batch numbers

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