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Setting up Direct Debits

Setting up Debtors

For each Debtor account that you want to deduct funds from via Direct Debit:

  1. Go to the Details 2 tab of the Debtor Account Details window.

  2. Change the Default Payment Type to "D/DEBIT".

  3. Enter the Debtor's Bank Account Number and Bank Account Name. The Bank Account Name is the name the customer has that bank account under; this will go into the bank file.

  4. Choose an Advice Notification type: Fax, Email and/or Print. An advice notification type must be chosen, even if you are not going to print or distribute the advice.

General Setup

Select General Setup from the Setup menu of the Direct Debits window.

The following configuration options are available on this window:



General Ledger Account

Select the default General Ledger bank account for the Direct Debits to post into.

No. of notification days

Enter the number of days of notification required.

Print D/D advice

Tick this box if you want to print Direct Debit advice.

Consolidate D/D to General Ledger

Tick this box if you want to consolidate Direct Debits to the General Ledger. This enables the Consolidate button on the Batches tab of the Direct Debits window.

Allow selection of GL Acc for D/D

Tick this box to allow the selection of the General Ledger bank account for each Direct Debit run. If this box is not ticked, the default account specified by the General Ledger Account will be used.

Show email before sending

Tick this box to show advice emails before sending them, if email has been set as an advice type.

Direct Debit Password

A password is required to process Direct Debits. To set this password, use EXO Business Config to enter a value for the Password for consolidating and processing direct debits Company-level profile setting. By default, the password is blank.

Note: The password is case-sensitive.

Bank File Format

Before processing Direct Debits, bank file formats must be set up for Debtors in EXO Business Config.

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