Managing user accounts and company files > Backing up and restoring company files
The Restore command closes the company file you’re currently using, decompresses a backup file so you can use it, and then opens the backup file.
You can back up and restore your company file to Dropbox from the File menu or when you are prompted to back up your file, for example, when you close your company file.
Take care when backing up multi-user company files [AccountEdge Network Edition only]. If multiple users access a company file, you need to back up the company file on the host computer—including custom forms, letters and spreadsheet templates you have created. You can then copy the updated templates to each workstation and ensure the latest versions are used.
Make separate backups. A disk failure can corrupt your data in such a way that you may not notice it during a session. If you accidentally copy some corrupted data over your previous backup file, that backup is no longer valid.
Store backups off site. Store monthly and yearly backups in a safe place, preferably away from your office. Except for daily rotational backups, do not re-use media.
To make a backup of your company file
Go to the File menu and choose Backup. The Company File Backup window appears.
When you installed your AccountEdge software, special software needed for the backup process was also installed. If a message appears when you try to use the Backup command, this software may have been removed from the location where it needs to exist. You may need to re-install your AccountEdge software to use this feature. Alternatively, you can contact Support for help.
To back up to a Dropbox account, select To Dropbox. Note that before you can back up to Dropbox, you must have a Dropbox account and link the account to your company file. For more information about Dropbox accounts, see
Click Continue.
If you selected the Do not check Company File for errors option, the Back Up window appears. Go to step 8.
If you selected the Check Company File for errors option, the verification process may take several minutes.
When the verification process has finished, click OK in the window that appears. (Note that this window appears whether or not errors have been found in the company file.)
The Save window appears.
Backup dd-mm-yyyy
dd-mm-yyyy is the date from your computer’s clock
filename is your company file name
Click Save. The backup process begins.
To restore from a disk
Go to the File menu, choose Restore and then choose the From a Disk option. The Open window appears.
note :  
Click Choose. A message appears showing the file name and location of the company file.
Click OK. The Sign-on window appears.
When you restore a file that has not been activated, the Company File Activation window appears. If you do not need to enter transactions into the restored file, click I want to mark this file as Read Only and then click Continue to open the file in read-only mode. If later you need to activate the read-only file, go to the Help menu and choose Activate Company File.

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