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For more information about setting up AccountEdge Network Edition on a network, see the Network Implementation Guide or your Getting Started guide.
Some of the choices in the Preferences window of your AccountEdge software can affect how everyone works with your company file. These preferences are clearly marked System-wide.
Multi-user file locking for daily transactions
If you would like to know when another user has changed data in a window, go to the Setup menu, choose Preferences, click the System tab, and select the Automatically Refresh Lists When Information Changes option. If another user changes information you are viewing, AccountEdge software closes your window. When you reopen it, the data is updated.
Single-user file locking for special tasks
Problems with lock files
AccountEdge software displays a File is busy; access denied message when another user is accessing a shared company file and you both try to simultaneously save a transaction or write data. When you see this message, wait a few moments for the other transaction to finish and for your AccountEdge software to delete the lock file, and then click Retry.
Someone else is currently signed on with the same User ID. Someone else is using the company file with your user ID, or a lock file from an irregularly ended session is present.
No more than 10 company files in any folder may be opened at one time. There are more than 10 lock files—the maximum permitted—in the folder where the company files are stored. This can occur legitimately if there are more than ten company files in the folder, ten of which are open simultaneously, so that an eleventh open file would create an illegal 11th lock file.
To delete lock files

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