If you’ve completed steps 1-3 of the Pay Superannuation prerequisites, you’re ready to save the superannuation contribution file. This file contains details of each employee, their funds and the amount to contribute to each fund.
To save and upload the superannuation contribution file
Click Pay Superannuation in the Payroll command centre and then click Save Super Contribution File.
Enter the journal date you want to give to the payment in the Date field. Note that this date is not the date that you want the funds to be debited from your bank account. The payment will be processed on the day that you authorise the payment in MYOB’s super portal, even if the date you entered in this window is different.
Click Save. The journal transaction for the payment is saved, and the Save As window appears. Save the superannuation contribution file to your computer. The default filename is SuperContribution.csv.
If you want to do this now, click Yes, go to MYOB’s super portal now. The MYOB super portal login window appears. continue with step 8 below.
If you want to upload the file later, click No, return to the Command Centre. You can access the super portal later by clicking Pay Superannuation in the Payroll command centre and then click Go to MYOB’s super portal.

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