Welcome to the new navigation experience


To view your client details, the Accounting dashboard, documents, tasks and other work, click the Clients button in the side navigation bar. When you’re in the Clients view, you can access all their work from the new menu bar at the top of the page.

Here's what you'll find in the Clients menu bar:
ClientsSee your practice’s full list of clients and portals.
Transaction processingThis is the new home of the Accounting dashboard.
TasksAll tasks created for your clients are listed here.
DocumentsAccess all documents sent to client portals and received from clients.
Compliance(Australia only) Here are the the activity statements and FBT forms that used to be in the Tax menu.
AdvisoryCreate advisory reports for your clients from here.

Note that some of these options won't be available to all practices.

My List

This new panel lets you keep the clients you work on within easy reach—it’s like a Favourites list.

When you select a client in My List, the pages you access from the top menu bar are automatically filtered to show just that client’s files, documents, tasks etc. We call this the client-centric view, and it helps you focus on the work that needs to be done for an individual client.

To get started, click Add client to My List, and search for a client by their name or code.


Tips to using My List:

  • Click All clients to exit the client-centric view. The top menu bar will reset to show details for all clients in all pages.


  • When you’re done working on a client, you can remove them from My List by clicking the delete icon that appears when you hover on their name.


  • To get more screen space, collapse the My List panel when you don’t need it in view. Click the arrow icon to collapse and expand.



  • Clients in My List are sorted by the order you added them. Want to move someone to the top? Just search and add them again using the Add client to My List field, and they'll appear first in the list.
  • We'll remember where you left off for each client. If you switch to another client, or pop back to the All clients view, don't worry — you won't lose your place. We'll save your spot and display the last menu item you were viewing when you come back.


(MYOB AE/AO users only) We’ve renamed Practice Manager to Practice, but other than that, everything stays the same. Click here to see your practice’s WIP and debtor details.


We’ve made it easier to get to the Settings page, so now you can quickly update your portal details, email notification settings, and other settings, whenever you need to.

User profile

Previously your user profile was accessed from the top-right of the page. Now it’s on the left and the button will show your initials.

When you're finished for the day, click the Log out option in your profile menu.


Get help for any page you’re on from over here. You can also access this help page again from the Help menu.

More support options, and the MYOB Community Forum, where you can ask questions and help others, are also accessible from here.

Work on your mobile

Now you can continue the new desktop experience on your phone or tablet. We’ve made sure all the key contact functions you’ll want to use when you’re on the road – like looking up clients’ contact details and the new My List features – can be easily accessed on your mobile phone or tablet.

Log in from anywhere by visiting partner.myob.com on your device.