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The AccountRight Help Centre is a comprehensive resource that describes all functions and features of your software. It also includes window descriptions, report samples and tips for helping solve common problems.
The Help Centre is installed when you install your software, however we recommend you use the online version of help if you are usually connected to the Internet. The online version of help is updated regularly between product releases and may contain new help topics relevant to you.
To use the online help version
Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
Select the I Prefer to Use Help From the Internet, Rather than My Computer option and click OK.
To search the help
To display the Help Centre
In any window—other than command centre windows—click Help () and choose Help for This Window.
Choose Search Help from the Help menu.
Help in AccountRight windows
Opening the Help Centre from any window—other than command centre windows—displays descriptions or procedures relevant to that window. Click Help  () and choose Help for This Window, Tell Me How or Search Help.
see a description of the window, which includes links to more detailed descriptive and procedural topics.
display links to topics that give you tips to solving common problems or that direct you to other sources of help.
display a list of topics that tell you how to perform various tasks in the window, or other related tasks.
Help in command centres
The main windows in your software are known as command centres. You can view help for a command centre by clicking the help icon () located in the top right corner of each command centre.
The Help Centre displays a description of the command centre and its various functions.

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