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This error message can appear during the company file activation or confirmation process. In both circumstances, you can only resolve the issue by phoning MYOB Support.
This error occurred during the activation process
This error may occur when you have already activated the maximum number of files (the company file limit) allowed under your software serial number and the software licence. When you purchased your software, you received a company file limit of five files. When this limit is reached, you can purchase licence extentions to activate more files or you can de-activate files you no longer use.
You may be activating company files when you don’t need to. For example, you are restoring old backup files (2003 releases and prior) to obtain reports or data and you activate the file when prompted. To avoid this, select the read-only option next time you are prompted to activate a file.
You can de-activate company files you no longer use to enter transactions in. If you create multiple company files (for example, you create a new file each financial year) you can de-activate the old files to free up the amount of activated files you can have, up to the amount you are licenced for. If you need to extract information from them later, you can open them in read-only mode. Note that de-activation of a file can take several days to process. Contact MYOB Support for more information.
Use advanced search methods to find lost files. If you cannot find a recently created or upgraded file, you might decide to create another file or upgrade the older file again. If you do this, and then activate the second file, the MYOB software database records another company file activation against your software serial number. If you have misplaced a file, perfom an advanced search on your computer using the term ‘*.myo’ as part of the filename.
This error occurred during the confirmation process
Confirmation follows the activation process. It authenticates your product serial number (which is stored in your company file) against the MYOB software database. Usually, confirmation is only requested once or twice a year (every 4–9 months) for each company file. If you are prompted to confirm (and you subsequently confirm) any file more often than this, you will eventually reach a confirmation limit.
When you reach the confirmation limit, MYOB will lock your serial number and disallow any further access to your company files. This is because frequent confirmations can indicate unauthorised use of your software or company files.
You provide your company file to your bookeeper or accountant for them to enter transactions at end-of-period. They may be prompted to confirm the company file each time they open it and this could be several times in a short period. If you are using the file simultaneously and you also confirm the file, the multiple confirmations cause the error message and prevent access to your company file.
note :  
Switch off automatic file confirmation so that you will know if you are being asked to confirm your file too often. This gives you a chance to deal with the problem before it occurs.
The confirmation code was entered incorrectly
In the event you have written the code down incorrectly, you will need to get a new confirmation code. Close and re-open the file, then complete the full activation or confirmation process again.
Incorrect software version
you are trying to open company file using software that is ‘greater than’ the one represented by the serial number recorded in your company file. For example, you are using AccountRight Enterprise to open the file, but your serial number is for Accounting Plus.
the version number of the product you are using is ‘greater than’ the one represented by your serial number. For example your are using Accounting Plus v18 to open the file, but your serial number is for Accounting Plus v17.
If you inherited company files from another business (for example a business you have acquired or taken over) and you wish to add or edit data in these files, you will have to submit those files to MYOB to have the serial number removed. You can then activate these files under your own serial number. However, if you only wish to view, print or extract data from these files, then choose the read-only option when prompted.

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