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The Entitlement section in the Payroll Details tab of an employee’s card displays the entitlement amounts that have been carried over from the previous payroll year, the entitlement amounts for the year to date, and the total entitlement amounts owing to the employee.
For example, an employee may have 40 hours of accrued holiday hours carried over from the last payroll year. In the current financial year, the employee has accrued another 10 hours, but has taken 8 hours of holiday leave. Therefore, 2 hours will be displayed in the Year-to-Date column and the Total column will display 42 hours.
To view an employee’s entitlement balances
You can only edit the employee’s carry-over entitlement balances in this window. If you need to edit the employee’s entitlement balance for the current payroll year, adjust the entitlement accrual when processing the employee’s pay in the Process Payroll Assistant.
Go to the Card File command centre and click Cards List. The Cards List window appears.
Click the Employee tab and select the employee. Click Edit. The Card Information window appears.
Click the Payroll Details tab.
Click Entitlements. The Entitlements section displays the total number of hours an employee is entitled to take as sick and holiday pay.
If necessary, type the entitlement hours carried over from a previous period in the Carry Over column next to the entitlement category.
Click OK, then click Close to return to the Card File command centre.

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