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You can print all the standard business forms you send to customers, employees and suppliers: quotations, order confirmations, invoices, packing slips, shipping labels, statements, bills, cheques, remittance advices, receipts, pay slips and mailing labels.
In your AccountRight software, you can print forms individually as you complete a transaction (for example, an invoice for a cash sale) or print batches of forms (for example, a monthly cheque run for supplier payments). When printing batches, choose which forms to print by applying selection criteria. For example, you can choose to print statements only if the balance of the customer’s account is not zero.
You can also print forms onto stationery with a preprinted logo and contact details or use plain stationery and include your business name and contact details. If you already have preprinted stationery, you can still customise the appearance of your forms. Invoices and statements are those most commonly customised, but cheques, bills and labels can also be customised. You can change the size of the form, print multiple forms on a single page, change fonts, move fields, create text labels, and add your own logos and graphics. You can also create multiple forms of one type, for example, one invoice with your logo and another without it.
Note that your forms are stored in their own Forms folder within the program’s installation folder. This allows you to share forms among your company files and easily transfer them from one computer to another.

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