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You can track specific transactional, tax, account, payroll and system changes made to your company file using an audit trail tracking system. You can then print an Audit Trail report which lists all the changes recorded in a specified date range.
To track changes, go to the Setup menu, choose Preferences and then set the Use Audit Trail Tracking preference in the Security tab.
adding transactions with a tax code other than the default code for the selected card or account (invoices only, not orders or quotes)
change of the linked account selection in any of the Tax Code Information windows.
Type of Wages selection and pay rate
Type of Deduction field or Deduction Limit field
Type of Expense field and Expense Limit field.
change to the lock periods security preference (this includes changes of the lock period date and the selection/deselection of the preference)
change to the Transactions CAN'T be Changed; They must be Reversed preference
change to the Use Audit Trail Tracking preference.

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