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End-of-period procedures > Starting a new payroll year > Task 2: Print payroll reports
Prepare the Taxable Payments Annual Report
If you pay anyone as an employee or supplier for services related to building and construction, you need to report these payments to the ATO at the end of the year.
You can calculate these amounts using the Taxable Payments Annual Report assistant. To access the assistant, go to the Purchases command centre and click Report Taxable Payments. Follow the prompts in the assistant to prepare a report listing the reportable payments, or to create a file you can lodge with the ATO.
Review other payroll reports
Payroll Register Detail report—shows the pay history of your employees.
Payroll Activity Summary report—shows the pay amounts recorded. Note that this report does not include manual adjustments, for example, changes to pay history balances entered in the Payroll Details tab of an employee’s card.

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