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Task 3: Provide information to your accountant
Once you have completed your year-end tasks, you can send your accounting data to your accountant. If your accountant uses MYOB Accountants Office, you can export your accounts list, journal entries, sales and purchases directly to your accountant as a tab-delimited text file. This file can be sent by email or saved to disk.
When you export financial information to MYOB Accountants Office, the Receivables Reconciliation Exceptions, Payables Reconciliation Exceptions and Bank Reconciliation reports are included in the file. If inventory or tax exceptions are found, the Inventory Value Reconciliation Exceptions, Tax Amount Variance and Tax Code Exceptions reports are also included. These reports are designed to alert your accountant to any irregularities in your company file and provide them with supplementary information to analyse your accounts.
You can also export your accounting data to other accounting packages, such as Solution 6 MAS, Ceedata, HandiLedger and CaseWare. For more information about exporting data to these packages, see Importing and Exporting—procedures.
To export to MYOB Accountants Office
Go to the Accounts command centre and choose Send to Accountant. The Reporting Period window appears.
Select the month or range of months you want to export. To select a range of months, click and hold the mouse button on the first required month and then drag the cursor over the names of the remaining months.
It is important not to include dates you have included in a previous export because this would result in double-counting your transactions. As a precaution, we recommend that you tell your accountant the periods you have selected.
Email—If you want to email the file, enter your accountant’s card in the Linked Card for Accountant field and then click Email. The email address entered on the card will be used when the email is created in your email program. The default name for the export file is companyname.MYE.
Disk—If you want to save the file to disk and send it by post, click Disk. Enter a name and location for the export file in the dialog that appears. The default file name is companyname.MYE. You can change the file name if you want but you must retain the ‘.MYE’ extension.
Click Save.

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