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Setting up your company file > Set a password for the Administrator user ID
Set a password for the Administrator user ID
When you created your company file, a user ID called Administrator was automatically created.
By default, the Administrator user ID does not have a password assigned to it. Anyone who signs on with the Administrator user ID will have access to all command centres, functions and windows and will be able to create, edit and delete other user IDs.
For that reason, as soon as you create a company file, you should assign a password to the Administrator user ID; otherwise, anyone can sign on and then enter, edit and delete transactions.
To set a password for the Administrator user ID
Start your AccountRight software and, in the welcome window, click Open your company file.
In the Open window, select the company file to be opened, and click Open. The Sign-on window appears.
Click Change Password.
In the Change Password window, leave the Existing Password field blank, type the password in both the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
Click Record.
If you want to restrict other users from accessing certain features or information, you can create additional user IDs and specify their access restrictions. For more information, see Managing user accounts.

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