M-Powered Super is no longer available,
but we’ve got you covered

M-Powered Superannuation isn’t SuperStream compatible, so you won’t be able to use it after 30 June 2016.

But don’t worry - we have an even better solution for you that’s gold-certified by the ATO. We call it Pay Super, it’s available in the new AccountRight, and you can move to it now.

Do I need to move now?

Yes, you should move to the Pay Super service as soon as possible.

Pay Super is an easy solution

Just like M-Powered Superannuation, you can:

  • Make super payments without leaving AccountRight
  • Control who can authorise payments
  • Track your payment processing status.


  • SMSF payments are fully supported. You can make payments to APRA and self-managed super funds at the same time.
  • There are no fees! It’s all included in your MYOB AccountRight subscription.

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Ready to move?

  1. Download and install the new AccountRight:

    Download AccountRight

  2. Start the new AccountRight and click Upgrade a company file. The assistant will help you upgrade your file.

  3. Sign up to the Pay Super service from the Payroll command centre.


Check that you can move to the new AccountRight

You can't move just yet if you use:

  • M-Powered Payments
  • Multiple currencies
  • Negative inventory
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Add-ons that connect via ODBC.

If you're using these features, see our alternative solution below.


Can’t move yet?
Switch to MYOB’s super portal

If you’re using features that aren’t yet available or supported in the new AccountRight, you can switch to MYOB’s super portal to make your payments. It’s a SuperStream-compliant website that lets you upload contributions prepared using your current AccountRight software. There’s no cost to using the super portal - it’s a benefit of your AccountRight subscription.

To sign up to use the super portal, you need to be using AccountRight v19.11.2 or later. You can update by going to Help menu > Updates > Check for updates, or you can download it by signing into my.MYOB.com.au.

After updating, click Pay Superannuation in the Payroll command centre and choose the Go to MYOB’s super portal option.

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