The Card Information window—Selling Details view is where you can record each customer’s credit limit and terms, along with entries that will make it easier and faster for you to create quotes, orders and invoices for the customer.
Field Descriptions
A/R Balance
Choose the sale layout that will be displayed when you enter a quote, order or invoice for this customer. The choices are Service, Item, Professional, Time Billing and Miscellaneous. You can choose a different layout for individual transactions if you need to.
Shipping Method
Customer Billing Rate - Excluding Tax
Click the zoom arrow to the right of Credit Limit to open the Credit Limit & Hold window, where you can set or change the credit limit or place the customer on credit hold.
Tax ID Number
Tax Code
Use this field to specify the tax code that applies most often to sales made to this customer. This tax code will appear as the default entry for all transactions entered for the customer. If you want, you can change the tax code for individual transactions as you enter them.
If you give a discount to customers who pay promptly, indicate when the customer has to make payment, in order to claim the prompt-payment discount. Depending upon your selection for Payment is Due, this field will be labelled either Discount Days or Discount Date. If Discount Days appears, enter either the number of days after the sale date that payment must be made in order to receive a discount. If Discount Date appears, select the day of the month by which payment must be made in order to receive the discount.
If Balance Due Days appears, enter the number of days that are allowed after the sale date before the transaction must be paid. If Balance Due Date appears, select the day of the month by which the payment must be made. After this period, a late payment charge is assessed.
If you select the I Include Items on Time Billing Invoices option in the Preferences window, the volume discount won’t be applied to items included on the time billing invoice.

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