Why do I need to register?
Is my company information secure during online registration?
When do I need to register my software?
What happens if I don’t register my software within the 30 day period? Will any of my business information be sent to MYOB when activating a company file?
I have purchased an upgrade, how will the activation process affect me?
What happens if I don’t activate my company file within the required period?
How many company files can I activate?
I don’t have a serial number, how do I get one?
Where is my serial number if I downloaded my software?
My accountant or consultant will create my company file and provide it to me. Who should activate the company file?
Which company files do I need to activate?
Upgrading files from previous years: You may want to upgrade all of your MYOB company files from previous years to the latest version. It is fine to do this, however as you will not need to add new information or make changes to data from previous years, it is not necessary to activate these files.
Backup files: If you make a backup of a file that has been activated, you will not be prompted to activate it again when you restore it. If you make a backup of file that has not yet been activated, you will be asked to activate the file after restoring it. You can select Activate Later top open and review the restored file, as this is not the live file. However, if you need to revert to a backup (due to your current file being lost or damaged), follow the on-screen prompts to activate the file.
Test files: You may want to create a test file to play with or for training purposes. You can create as many test files as you like and work on these with full access for 90 days, without having to activate them.
Short-term files: If you create a file that will be used for 90 days or less, you do not need to activate the file. If you do need to use the file for longer than 90 days, you can just activate the file when needed.
After I filled out the Registration form and clicked ‘Register’ nothing happens. Why?
How often do I need to confirm my company file?
What is the Deactivate button used for?
I have already activated my company file. Why am I being asked to activate again?
Why isn’t my confirmation code working?
Your firewall or internet settings may prevent you from accessing the activation and confirmation services online. If you are unable to confirm online using your MYOB software, you can obtain your confirmation codes via the my.MYOB website. Visit and log in using your email address and my.MYOB password. Once you have logged in, click the Confirmation Code link and enter your serial number and company file code to obtain your confirmation code.
Why am I asked to confirm my company file each time I adjust my computer’s system date?
Why am I receiving a message saying that the company file cannot be confirmed?

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