End-of-period procedures > Month-end procedures > Task 8: Lodge your activity statement (BAS or IAS)
You can use the BASlink feature to prepare your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS).
To set up your activity statement information
Go to the Accounts command centre and click BASlink. The BASlink window appears.
Click BAS lnfo. The BAS Information window appears.
To prepare your activity statement
Go to the Accounts command centre and click BASlink. The BASlink window appears.
Click Prepare Statement. The BASlink window appears.
If you are using BASlink for the first time, a window appears with the option to open the BASlink Help window. Click Yes, if you need set up assistance.
Review the information on the BAS A (Front) and BAS A (Back) tabs.
Click Check to check your activity statement for errors. If there are any errors—for example, a field has not been completed or has an invalid amount—an Error List appears detailing the error and the field name.
If you need a copy of the activity statement for your records (recommended), click Print. You can also use the printed statement to copy the field values to the ATO’s paper or electronic activity statements.
Click Transaction to view a report showing the Spend Money or Receive Money transaction.
Click Print.
Click Save Setup & Exit to save your current BASlink setup and the details of your current activity statement reporting period. A window appears, reminding you to back up your activity statement. Click Yes, to create a backup copy of your activity statement details.
To lodge your activity statement with the ATO
Completing the activity statement manually and sending by post. Copy the BASlink values to the Business Activity Statement or Instalment Activity Statement sent to you by the ATO. Also send the tax payable to the ATO by the payment due date on the activity statement.
Lodging the activity statement electronically. If you use the ATO’s Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) software or Business Portal, type the BASlink values in the corresponding fields on the electronic version of the activity statement.
To record your activity statement transaction in your company file
Go to the Banking command centre and click:
Spend Money, if you are recording a payment to the ATO. The Spend Money window appears.
Receive Money, if you are recording a receipt from the ATO. The Receive Money window appears.
Enter the details as appears in the transaction you printed at step 10 in ‘To prepare your activity statement’, above. Note that you should assign the N-T (not reportable) code to all transaction lines.
Click Record.
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