International transactions > Exchange rates
To edit the default exchange rate
From any command centre, go to the Lists menu and select Currencies. The Currencies List window appears.
Select the currency entry you want to modify and click Edit. (Alternatively, click the zoom arrow next to the currency name.)
The Currency Information window (the Currency Profile view) appears.
Click Close to exit the Currencies List window.
To change the exchange rate in a transaction window
Sales, Receive Payments, and Sales Register (Returns & Credits view)
Purchases, Pay Bills, and Purchases Register (Returns & Debits view)
Spend Money, Receive Money, Reconcile Accounts and Transaction Journal (General view).
Click Rate at the bottom of the transaction window. The Exchange Rate window appears.
Type the new exchange rate in the Transaction Exchange Rate field.
If you want to change the exchange rate for all future transactions that use this currency, select the Update Current Exchange Rate in the Currency List with Transaction Exchange Rate option.
If you receive a payment for a foreign currency invoice in your local currency, you can use the Currency Calculator to calculate the exchange rate based on the foreign and local amounts, or to calculate the foreign amounts based on the local amounts and the exchange rate.
You can access the Currency Calculator from any window in your AccountEdge software by going to the Help menu and choosing Currency Calculator.
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