The Export File window enables you to set some of the criteria that will determine what data will be exported from your company file.
Field Descriptions
Select whether you want the first record in the export file to be a header record or a data record. If you select Header Record, the first record in your export file will contain the field names. If you choose Data Record, the first record in your export file will contain data. If you will be importing this data into another company file, you can select either format.
Type the identifiers you want to use to filter the cards and transactions that are exported. Only the cards who have been assigned all of the identifiers (or all of the transactions whose assigned cards have the identifiers) will be exported.
Select the journal from which you want to export journal entries. If you select Disbursements or Receipts, you can also choose the type of disbursements or receipts that you want to export.
Select this option if you want to include journal entries in the export file along with the Company Information and the account balances of an AccountantLink export. Journal entries for the current financial year up to the end of the month you enter in the Dated to end of field will be exported.

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