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Compliance for Company entities beta


Thanks for participating in this beta! You'll be completing compliance work for company entities in our cloud-based solution, and roll over data from the desktop for those companies to a 2019 tax return.

Read on to see the available features in this beta, take a tour, see our list of frequently asked questions, and learn how to give us feedback.

Looking for help on areas outside this beta? Find it here.

What is compliance online?

Complete compliance work faster than ever using our cloud-based compliance solution. Our automated features cut down on repetitive tasks, making it a breeze to work with clients. We've also mapped data fields throughout the workflow, so you only need to enter data once.

Other benefits include:

tick Having 70% of your tax form pre-filled
tick Drilling down to source documents within the workflow
tick Reducing your time-on-task.

Watch our video to learn more:

What features are available?

As this is a beta release, we're only testing a small part of the whole experience at first. We'll roll out more features over time.

See our feature list page to get a good idea of what you can do, what content is available, and what's on the horizon.

image of feature list

Before you begin...

Here are some more things to consider before you dive in to this beta release:
note This is an Australia-only release.
note Your desktop version must be MYOB AE/AO 5.4.32.
note For now, only company entities are supported. Make sure that you choose a company client that's suitable for this beta. See What client should I use for online compliance? below for more information.
note Deactivate your pop-up blocker when using compliance in MYOB Practice.
note This is a beta release, so not all functions will be available. See the Feature list for more information.
note Finally, there are some known issues in this beta. See Known issues for more information.

How to get started

It's easy to start using compliance for companies in MYOB Practice.

Click here to see our instruction guide.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have answers. Check out our FAQ for solutions to common queries.