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You can delete a record that you no longer need. However, a record must meet certain criteria before it can be deleted. For example, most records cannot be deleted if they have been used in transactions.
To delete an account
Go to the Accounts command centre and click Accounts List. The Accounts List window appears.
Click the zoom arrow () next to the account you want to delete. The account details are displayed in the Edit Accounts window.
Go to the Edit menu and choose Delete Account.
a card, foreign currency, tax code, payroll category, item or job that has not been used in a transaction. If transactions exist, you need to delete the transactions before you can delete the record.
To delete other records
Go to the Lists menu and choose the list to which the record belongs. For example, if you are deleting an item, choose Items; if you are deleting a card, choose Cards, and so on.
Locate the record you want to delete and click the zoom arrow () next to it. The record details appear in the Information window.
Go to the Edit menu and choose Delete [...]. For example, if you want to delete a customer card, choose Delete Card.

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