Contact management > Reviewing your contact information
The Reminders tab in the To Do List displays reminder log entries with reminder dates on or before the current date.
Find Transactions helps you quickly find all transactions for a contact.
To view reminders
Click To Do List in any command centre. The To Do List window appears.
Click the Reminders tab. A list of all individuals and businesses you need to contact appears.
If the reminder date falls on a day that you have indicated as being closed in the Business Calendar (accessible from the Setup menu), the reminder will appear on the business day prior to the recontact date.
The Overdue column shows how many days have elapsed since the reminder date you specified on the reminder log entry.
To print card reports
Go to the Reports menu and choose Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.
Click the Card tab. The list of card reports appears.
A list of reminder log entry details. The total of the elapsed time recorded in the log entries is displayed for each contact.
A list of reminder log entries with reminder dates that are dated on or before the day you specify in the report filter.
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